In the next few years, this organization will embark on its short term goal of conducting an archeological survey trip to Louisiana to obtain data and conduct further imaging about the validity and status of the presumed wreck of the USS Arizona. After the completion of this feasibility study, the results will be analyzed with the support of historians and archeologists from both State and Federal institutions/agencies.

The conclusions derived from the analysis of the study will help guide the future activities of the organization including the possibility of additional fieldwork. However, if the initial results are favorable the organization will seek to secure and identify the wreck as the USS Arizona. This could be achieved through establishing provenance through the recover and preservation of historical artifacts that can be traced directly to the USS Arizona. These efforts would be conducted with the support of and guidance from state and federal institutions including the US Naval Heritage Command and State of Louisiana archeology team.

Upon a successfully identification of the wreck of the USS Arizona, the organization plans to lead and support efforts to preserve the history, artifacts and educational legacy of the vessel. These activities may include the construction and management of a public outreach campaign to share the historical legacy of the USS Arizona and the details associated with its final resting place.

Based on the outcome of the efforts with the USS Arizona, the organization may seek to explore the possibility of locating, surveying and securing other lost and unprotected American Civil War vessels.