We are officially live!

It is amazing to believe that this past week marked the official launch of the USS Arizona Civil War Project Fund. It seems like only yesterday that I presented this mission and the idea of fulfilling Rob’s vision to Jennifer and the rest of Rob’s immediate family. Nevertheless after a crash course in non-profit incorporation and 501c (3) applications, I am so happy to we have arrived. That being said we couldn’t have reached the milestone without the support and help of many individuals.  First, a huge thanks to my board and my Research Director Tom for all the timely support throughout this process and their continued confidence in me. Second, I am grateful for all the hours my Brother (Nicholas) and my Father (Nils) have dedicated to building out the website and vetting the content on it. 

With the launch of the website behind us, I am excited about what the rest of 2014 entails for all of us inspired by the story of the USS Arizona.  In the coming weeks, I will be communicating additional details associated with our upcoming project in Louisiana and more importantly, how you can help. In the meantime, please feel free to explore the website. Also if you have any feedback, questions or general inquires, my team and I can be reached via the contact page or I can emailed directly at colin@ussarizonacivilwar.org


President & CEO