Civil War Submarines,U-Boats, Boston Fundraiser and More Fall Updates

Confederate Submarine:   H. L. Hunley

Confederate Submarine: H. L. Hunley

Hello All,

Happy Fall!  We have been lucky to enjoy some warm weather in the past few weeks, but I fear we will soon be reminded of  typical New England weather patterns.

Well it has been a while since our last update, but I can assure you that I and the board members have been hard at work.

Over the past few weeks, I have been hitting the phones and have had many conversations with potential partners in Louisiana.  These partners have included state archeologists, underwater surveying professionals and local historians.  The intent behind these outreaches was to get a better sense of the costs, timeline and overall approach for our future survey of the wreck site. I am excited to say that these conversations were successful and we have kicked off the planning process for a potential 2015 trip.  

Obviously in order for the Project Fund to complete this future survey trip we are going to need the support of our loyal friends and family.  With this in mind, the USS Arizona Project Fund will be planning on hosting a Boston Fundraiser at a downtown establishment in either late January or early February.  We will have more details in the coming weeks, but make sure you are a fan of our facebook page to ensure we have your contact information.

On a final note, I am excited to say that over the past few months I have connected with many leaders within the Boston College History Department and have gotten the opportunity tell the story of the Arizona.  Nothing has been put into motion yet, but we are hoping to find a few opportunities for them and their students to play a role in supporting the fund in the near future.

That is all for now. Keep an eye out for more timely updates and hopefully an invitation to our upcoming fundraiser.


Bonus: Here are some interesting Civil War/History stories that caught my attention in the past few weeks

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